Ascent Vision CM132 SR & Target Aquisition


The CM132 is the most durable miniature gyro-stabilized imaging system, designed for tactical UAVs. With an IP66 rating, the CM132 is dust and water resistant to endure harsh climates and environments. The CM132 is lightweight and low power to provide long flight endurance for your tactical ISR operation.

Experience high-quality performance at day and night with the miniature CM132 multi
sensor, gyro-stabilized imaging system. The CM132 is a compact, sub 1kg / 2.2lb system,
ideal for integration into tactical UAS, aerostats, ground vehicles, USVs and small marine

Low SWaP-C

Designed for integration into UAS, the CM132 is small, lightweight and low power system.

Multi Sensor

The CM132 has a high definition electro-optical sensor with 30x continuous optical zoom and a LWIR sensor with digital zoom.


Designed to perform in a range of weather conditions and environments, the CM132 has an IP66 rating to provide dust and weather resistance.