UAV for sale

Inspector Multi-Rotor

The fully automated system is based on pre-programmed flight paths or stabilized manual control.  

Orange UAV

M-6 Mapper

The Mapper is the essential system from Saxon to cover all your mapping and agriculture needs.  This complete turnkey system is the most economical option for entering the fixed-wing market or building a fleet of unmanned systems at an excellent price point.



White UAV

SRV Futura

​Designed by aerial mappers for aerial mappers. The Futura was designed to provide true survey grade data and streamline efficient operations.

White an orange UAV

M-10 Viper

Fully modular and capable of scaling from a 10-foot wing to a 12 foot wing in the field.  The Viper M10 is fully modular in design and can scale from an electric vehicle to gas powered in minutes.  The Viper is the only aircraft in the world with this capability, making it mission ready for land and sea operations. 

Drones for Sale

M-4 Trainer

The Saxon M-4 Trainer delivers a durable, and cost-effective solution for your unmanned aerial needs.  Great for small collects and or training

Starting at $15,900 USD 

Starting at $17,900 USD 

Starting at $4,900 USD 

Starting at $17,900 USD 

Starting at $95,000 USD