Methane Mappering Aerial Imaging

ICI T.D.L.A.S Methane Detection sensor


ICI Sensor control module


ICI 8640 Thermal imaging sensor


Ascent Vision CM132

The module is designed for use in various aerial applications, including precision agriculture, industrial and electrical inspection, and more.

The 4P+ is the most advanced multispectral sensor in its class. Now with 2X the resolution of our previous generation sensors. Cover more area without sacrificing resolution or accuracy.

The CM132 is the most durable miniature gyro-stabilized imaging system, designed for tactical UAVs. With an IP66 rating, the CM132 is dust and water-resistant to endure harsh climates and environments. The CM132 is lightweight and low power to provide long flight endurance for your tactical ISR operation.

This 8640 P-Series | USB Calibrated Thermal Camera with Temperature Measurement offers unmatched image sensitivity and accuracy in a 640 x 512 radiometric imager.

Featuring the latest technological advancements, the Mirage HC | Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) Thermal Infrared Camera is capable of delivering the optimum solution for the detection of Methane and other HydroCarbon gases.

ICI’s Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectrometer (T.D.L.A.S.) is an innovative long-range detector which allows methane gas (CH4) to be detected at distances of up to 50 m at as little volume as 1 pmm.m.