Saxon SRV Futura


​Designed by aerial mappers for aerial mappers. The Futura was designed to provide true survey-grade data and streamline efficient operations.

Starting at $17,900 USD 

The Futura was designed with over 10 years in the field using other systems. The delta wing (triangle shaped) foam wings and other foam aircraft have to low of wing capacity. When the winds get over 10-15 mph their area coverage gets significantly reduced, and they also start rocking which cases image blur and error in the map. The Futura, on the other hand, is designed to fly very large areas, remain stable in high winds, and still cover large areas in wind.

There are also other high-efficiency drones that can fly in high winds and remain stable, but those other systems are very limited by their landing. They land at a very low angle, that typically requires 1000 feet to be clear of tree or power lines. The landing is what really sets apart the Futura it lands at a very steep angle which allows you to land close to trees or power lines.

The Futura is truly the workhorse of the drone industry. It's robust, reliable, and lets you fly in areas and conditions that other systems won't. 

Short Field landing

A key component to effectively using a UAV system for your large scale survey projects is the ability to land the aircraft in tight spaces. The Futura is designed to land in a 25-meter area and come in at a very steep landing angle, allowing the aircraft to land in small spaces surrounded by trees. This has never been seen by fixed-wing aircraft until now. The Futura has the long-range advantage of fixed-wing aircraft without sacrificing the weight and budget penalties of VTOL aircraft.

This is where the Futura truly excels. Many other fixed-wing drones come in at a very low angle for landing, and while the touchdown angle is small they still require 1000 feet clear of trees, power lines, or other tall objects so they don’t collide on landing. The Futura lands at a very steep angle allowing the aircraft to land within a couple of hundred feet of tall objects. This gives you the VTOL landing performance without the hefty price or performance limitations.

Launch By Hand

Catapult systems are bulky, difficult to use and difficult to travel with. Futura avoids the problematic catapult launching system by being easy to launch by hand.

Accurate Data

The Futura flies a Sony A7R ii 42mp camera which provides a significant advantage both in ground sample distance (pixel size), and area coverage. The camera is placed at a slight forward oblique angle which provides higher quality data on hills and around vegetation. The lens is fitted to provide the same oblique angle in the front as the sides, which eliminated the need for a cross grid pattern.

On-Site Training

The Futura training is a 3-day training which can be conducted on-site, or at our facility in Colorado. The training has 1 day in the classroom, and 2 days in the field. The course will cover the safety features, general mission planning, flight ops, and standard operating procedures for collecting and processing accurate data. At the end of the course, a new student will be able to autonomously fly, and collect data using the BAAM Tech Futura fixed-wing drone.