Saxon Viper m-10

M10 Viper Side_edited_edited.jpg

We designed the Viper M10 UAS to be modular while in the field.  When lives are at stake and the mission changes, the Viper is the only aircraft that can offer a complete payload change within minutes and not limit the user to just a few pre-integrated sensors.  The Viper was designed to remove the lower fuselage and change out while in between missions.  The limitations are constricted only by imagination.  Our clients can have a multitude of sensors pre-integrated in the aircraft to be changed at any given time.  The Viper M10 is unique as the wings can be scaled from 10 feet to 12 feet in the field.  Just swap the wings and change your parameters in the autopilot and carry on.  The Viper M10 allows the user to slide the wings and lock in place in order to adjust the center of gravity.  This will shorten the downtime between each mission and sensor swaps. 

Starting at $95,000 USD 

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